Stakeholder Forum

So that NeMo reaches out to the right actors and produces outputs that are useful  to stakeholders and enable the project’s goals (and wider electromobility goals) to be met, we are establishing a Stakeholder Forum.

The Stakeholder Forum will engage companies, associations, authorities and other actors outside the NeMo project consortium to exchange information, experience, feedback and best practice.

Members may include electric vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, charge point operators, road infrastructure operators, public authorities, electrical distribution system operators, service providers and other bodies involved in, or interested in electromobility. This also includes academics, researchers, students and the media.


How to engage

You may wish to join the NeMo Stakeholder Forum simply to follow news of project developments, outputs and events, without engaging further with the project. This can be done via our mailing list as well as social media (join our LinkedIn group LinkedIn NeMo_Electro and/or follow us on Twitter @NeMo_Electro).

  • However we would encourage members to provide comments and feedback on our approach and outputs, in order to ensure it is applicable and relevant across different sectors and in different European countries.
  • NeMo will organise an annual Stakeholder Forum meeting as well as a headline Final Event in 2019. Forum members will be invited to all of these, as well as notified of other events in which NeMo will be involved (conference presentations, discussion sessions, etc.)

Please note that if joining the mailing list, your email will be kept confidential and not used for other purposes.


Join the Forum

By registering to the Forum (please see below) you will have the opportunity to explain your main interest in NeMo and also any other electromobility European or national projects in which you are involved.

We look forward to having you on board.


Interested in NeMo? Join the NeMo forum and you will be kept updated on all project news, results and events.

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