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Electrification of road transport has the potential to drastically reduce emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases as well as urban noise pollution. Unfortunately, wider adoption of electro-mobility by motorists and road transport operators remains relatively low due to a number of challenges.

EV range and charging issues

A main factor limiting the driving range of Electric Vehicles (EV) is lack of interoperability in existing infrastructure and services related to electro-mobility, such as charging infrastructure. E-mobility actors currently have to deal with a broad spectrum of EV charging system hardware, service providers, standards and protocols, which can vary greatly from a technological perspective. The technological volatility, together with the lack of universal standards, often limits the EV charging options, particularly for users travelling longer distances.

Energy and grid-related issues

E-mobility is also faced with the challenge of the impact on the electric grid network caused by increasing EV numbers but also by new charging technologies. The main issue is to define and deploy a smart way to manage EV recharging. The e-mobility ecosystem is not connected to the grid in a sustainable way, and yearly power subscriptions (current business model used by Charge Point Operators (CPOs) can lead to expensive service pricing.

Data exchange issues

A major challenge in providing a seamless experience and easy service are the complex data structures and different formats in exchanged information. The set-up of a pan-European charging infrastructure is currently hindered by the lack of a common data and information model and the lack of common framework for commercial agreements.

Diverse e-roaming platforms

The lack of interoperability gave rise to the recent concept of electro-mobility roaming platforms, often called e-roaming or eRoaming. The problem of interoperability between platforms still remains. In order to tackle this, the pan-European eRoaming initiative was announced in 2015 and its objective, namely the interconnection of existing eRoaming platforms, is one of the tasks within the NeMo project to improve electro-mobility services.


NeMo wins 1st prize in the ‘Most Feasible’ category at the MOBI Grand Challenge in Los Angeles

The European project NeMo – Hyper-Network for Electromobility came first in the awards category for ‘Most Feasible Entry’ in the MOBI Grand Challenge Phase II Citopia ( The award ceremony took place on 12-13 November 2019 during the MOBI...

NeMo Final Conference and Exhibition wraps up in Barcelona

The NeMo Project is reaching its conclusion this month after three years of research and development, and the consortium partners gathered in Barcelona to present their results at a Final Conference and Exhibition on 19 September. Launched in October 2016 with...

Hackathon winner e3charge to present its ChargeSharing solution at NeMo Final Conference

We are pleased to announce the winner of the NeMo Hackathon: the “ChargeSharing” community-based EV charging solution from the German start-up SME e3charge. The NeMo Hackathon was an online competition open to entities outside the consortium, aimed at evaluating...

NeMo project shows long-distance journeys in electric vehicles are possible thanks to Inter-Roaming

Last month in Barcelona, the NeMo project began a cross-border drive across Europe under real-life test conditions in an electric car. The project team drove 5,000 kilometres through 9 European countries, stopping at various charge points on the journey to...

NeMo highlights from the Brainport ITS European Congress 2019

Partners of the NeMo Project travelled to the Brainport region of Eindhoven-Helmond in the Southern Netherlands from June 3re to 6th to present the endeavours and achievements of the project to the delegates to the 13th European Intelligent Transport Systems...

NeMo joins the ITS European Congress in Brainport, 3-6 June

  Join us at the ITS European Congress in the Dutch Brainport region of Eindhoven-Helmond next week to learn more about electromobility and the NeMo project. The ITS European Congress provides the ideal opportunity for all stakeholders to come together, discuss...

Register now: NeMo Final Conference and Exhibition – From project to market: seamless electromobility services in Europe

As the NeMo project reaches its conclusion this September, this wrap-up conference will present the results of three years of work by the consortium partners through technical presentations and a technology showcase featuring live demonstrations and an exhibition...

NeMo Project begins second test drive to demonstrate cross-country Inter-Roaming

The European project NeMo – Hyper-Network for Electromobility – is carrying out a real-life cross-border test of electromobility Roaming, starting from Barcelona on 20 May. The project team will drive 5.000 kilometres through 9 European countries in an electric...

NeMo welcomes Honda at Turin e-mobility service demonstration

The NeMo project had the opportunity to demonstrate its approach and outputs with regards to the Extended Vehicle and Neutral Server, at an event organised on 5 April 2019 at Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF), the Research Center of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, in Orbassano,...

Save the date: NeMo Final Conference and Exhibition, Barcelona, Thursday 19 September 2019

As the NeMo project reaches its conclusion this September, this wrap-up conference will present the results of three years of work by the consortium partners through technical presentations and a technology showcase featuring live demonstrations and an exhibition...



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