Barcelona City Council

Address: Torrent de l’Olla, 218-220, 3rd Floor, 08012, Barcelona


About the Barcelona City Council

The Municipality of Barcelona is the Local Authority of the city of Barcelona, serving more than 1.5 million inhabitants in the centre of the 7th largest metropolitan agglomeration of Europe. Barcelona City Council is strongly involved in the city transformation towards a real Smart City, being the leading city of Southern Europe in smart city rankings.

Ecologia Urbana Department brings together various disciplines working on improving the living conditions of Barcelona’s citizens. This includes Urban Planning, Environmental Services, Electro-Mobility and the Municipal Energy Agency (AEB). Ecologia Urbana Department promotes Barcelona as an exemplary city in the handling of green (energy and environment) and digital issues that together constitute a smart city, enabling Barcelona to comply with the environmental and energy commitments in both the local and international spheres. Ecologia Urbana Department is the department leading the development and coordination of the city’s e-mobility action programme. The public procurement policy developed over the last decade has been successful in introducing over 300 electric vehicles into the municipal services fleets (vehicles for street-cleaning, waste collection, parks maintenance, etc.). Some 350 public charge points are implemented; actions aim to increase the intelligence of a core set of this infrastructure.

Barcelona City Council has participated in various projects of EU programmes related to innovation of city logistics and is recognised for best practice regarding multi-use lanes and quiet night deliveries. Barcelona actively participates in Spanish national and Catalan regional EV programmes and is currently involved in 5 mobility EU projects (NeMo, NOVELOG, gMotit, C-Mobile, MUV). Barcelona City Council also participates in various networks including EUROCITIES, POLIS, Green Digital Charter and IMPACTS.

Role in the project

The Barcelona City Council (BCN) will collaborate in the definition of needs and requirements from an authority point of view by matching its e-mobility strategy with NeMo. Barcelona will also facilitate the implementation and integration of the proposed solutions in the current city’s mobility infrastructure.