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Role in the project

GIREVE contributes to the NeMo project in two main domains:

As task leader and work-package leader, Gireve is in charge of the business needs and requirements description and of the high level design (specification, architecture and design).

As task leader, and in partnership with Hubject, GIREVE is in charge of the development of the virtual pan-European eRoaming framework, in order to offer a full connection between actors whatever the eRoaming platform they are connected.

GIREVE is also member of the NeMo project Steering Committee


GIREVE is a French start-up created in 2013 by leading players in electric mobility.

Open access to electric vehicle charging stations. This is the aim of GIREVE (Groupement pour l’Itinérance des Recharges Électriques de Véhicules – Grouping to promote Roaming when Recharging Electric Vehicles).

GIREVE is promoting the widest availability of charging services through visible, accessible and interoperable charging spots.  Our goal is to facilitate the adoption of battery-powered mobility solutions.

GIREVE has been set up by major players in the electric mobility market, to promote the use of battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. New value-added services are required to support the infrastructure development. Access to a comprehensive charging equipment database, remote access to real-time availability and booking of charging spots, roaming among others.

GIREVE’s goal is to make it easy to access to charging facilities—by locating them wherever they are, and remove any kind of barriers to using the service. Charging must be simple for users and create value for operators. To achieve this goal, GIREVE is committed to creating and supporting a Europe-wide coordinated discussion between all players, allowing standards for data exchange to come up.

In the near future, when electric mobility goes mainstream, smart charging technologies will be key to ensuring the stability of the electricity grid. Such technologies make real-time data exchange between the range of actors even more essential.

GIREVE is already involved in this second stage of the development of the ecosystem, with the study and development of cutting-edge services to facilitate the energy transition.