Address: IBM-Allee 1, D-71139 Ehningen

Role in the project:
IBM will develop, design and provide the core technology to realize and demonstrate the NeMo Hyper-Network with the partners. IBM has considerable experience as end-to-end solution integrator as well as in vehicle to infrastructure communication (devices, protocols, standards). Furthermore, IBM will provide to the project expertise originating from international electro-mobility and smart grid projects. IBM will be responsible for the Reference Architecture of the NeMo Hypernetwork and the functional design. IBM will be responsible for the system integration and technical validation. IBM provides the Cloud platform-as-a-service (IBM Bluemix) environment for IT service developers to run and deploy innovative solutions in the open NeMo Hyper-Network.

About IBM Deutschland GmbH (IBM):
IBM is one of the largest providers of information technology (IT services, hardware and software). The company has about 380,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 175 countries. IBM and Partners supply clients with a complete range of innovative information technology products, from hardware, software and services to complex application solutions, outsourcing projects and financing.

IBM Deutschland GmbH is part of IBM Corporation in Germany. It bundles the whole consulting business, the sales of all IBM products and services by IBM in Germany as well as maintenance. IBM Deutschland GmbH comprises expertise for all core industries in Germany. Company size is about 17.000 employees, in 30 locations.
Automotive industry: IBM Deutschland GmbH has a dedicated industry for Automotive able to provide consultancy services and specific solutions tailored for this environment and for the innovation acting in this specific sector. IBM leverage its deep automotive industry expertise and solution portfolio to develop intelligent, sustainable vehicles, expand service opportunities to exploit increasing vehicle connectivity, deliver personal and immersive customer experiences, and predict and avert manufacturing and supply chain disruptions.
Moreover, IBM has an Automotive Centre of Competence. The CoC is poised to help clients with strategic pursuits where local expertise is not yet available. These industry and solution experts have access to assets they can bring to bear quickly to accelerate clients selling process. Initial focus will be on issues critical to IBMs automotive clients: front office digitization, product/systems engineering and supply chain.
Science Relationships: Innovation is a main focus of IBM. To achieve that, they employ highly qualified staff and collaborate with the best research institutes. Therefore the company promotes the collaboration with research and teachings with its worldwide university programs. The main focus is not only the exploration of technologies, enabling companies to design business processes via highly flexible IT infrastructures, but also research and teaching in the services and consulting field.