Mosaic Factor SL

Address: Llacuna 162-164, 08018 Barcelona, Spain


Role in the project

Mosaic Factor (MOSAIC) is the NeMo Work Package 5 leader (Electromobility actors’ services). MOSAIC leads the development of a set of new electro-mobility services (related to grid, EV users and battery) and supports the Barcelona test site in close collaboration with the city Council.

About Mosaic Factor

Mosaic Factor SL is an SME specialized in innovation in Mobility, Automotive and Logistics fields, with a strong focus on data sharing and all related issues and opportunities. MOSAIC was created in spring 2016 by the CEO and two key employees of ENIDE Solutions.

MOSAIC team has a large experience in research and innovation, having participated in multiple European, national and company research and innovation projects, during the previous experiences in ATOS and ENIDE. Particularly in electric vehicles (ZeEUS, UNPLUGGED), Mobility resources/choice planning (MyWay), logistics and supply chain R&D road mapping (WINN (FP7, leading the creation of the European Technology Platform on Logistics, ALICE) and SETRIS (H2020, involving all transport ETPs to deliver R&I implementation plans), Intelligent Cargo and ICT for logistics information sharing (LogiCon, iCargo) and Secure Supply Chains: CORE, SAFEPOST and EUROSKY.

The MOSAIC team has developed skills in research and innovation management, exploitation, and use cases (so called Living Labs) coordination. Technical competences of MOSAIC include expertise in cutting edge ICT technologies such as Big and Small Data Analytics, Data Privacy, Data Security and Data Governance, Internet of Things and Mobile Applications. MOSAIC is associate member of BDVA (Big Data Value Association).