Address: Achaias 3 & Trizinias st., N. Kifisia, Attica, P.C., 145 64 Greece


Role in the project

SingularLogic will be mainly involved in the development of the core competences of NeMo platform. More particularly will be responsible for the security and privacy framework, the development of the common information model and NeMo middleware.

About SingularLogic

SingularLogic is the No 1 Greek Software Vendor and one of the largest Integrated IT Solutions Group in Greece. Its activities include the development and distribution of business software products, cloud and mobile applications, the study, design and implementation of integrated IT solutions and services for both the private and the public sector, outsourcing services, as well as the distribution and support of well-established international IT products. SingularLogic, member of Marfin Investment Group, with highly skilled personnel, specialized know how, large product portfolio, large customer install base with 40.000 SME clients and 700 large enterprises, dynamic distribution network consisting of 400 business partners nationwide and significant implementations of 400 large and complex IT projects for the private and public sector is the reliable and credible partner that guarantees the investment of its customers. In addition, SingularLogic operates in various South East Europe countries through direct subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus, having set the foundations for substantial development in the region. Comprehending new technologies and utilizing them in a creative manner is the key for developing innovative applications and effective IT services. The European Projects Department of SingularLogic works on the design and implementation of innovative applications and platforms targeting different business sectors as well as on the engineering and management of business services. The activities of the department span over three main research directions:

Future Internet Enterprises: Deployment of Future Internet technologies (Internet of Services, Internet of Things) supporting all processes in supply chain environments such as sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, etc. Research focuses on integration/ federation of different heterogeneous information sources (services, sensor platforms, social media) with analytics capabilities, aiming at creating a holistic and dynamic monitoring environment for enterprises.

Smart Cities: Deployment of ICT technologies with data analytics capabilities in smart cities environments such as Smart Energy and (electro-) Mobility. Smart Energy projects focuses on energy efficiency in data centers, demand-response applications and platforms as well as energy efficiency in buildings. Smart Mobility focuses on developing the necessary infrastructure allowing data aggregation, processing and personalized solutions to ensure efficient mobility in urban environments.

E-accessibility, health and independent living: Development of innovative ICT platforms and services supporting e-accessibility, health and independent living. The unit addresses societal challenges, such as active ageing and e-Inclusion supporting older adults and disabled persons through the use of innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) such as: intelligent ambient solutions for monitoring biological parameters and living conditions, personalized mobile/portable healthcare solutions for disease management.

Platforms and Services: Development of innovating platforms for future service ecosystems that rely on dynamic IT infrastructures, such as cloud computing, cloud security, extensibility of services, rapid development of new services, resource and performance management.