Address: Corso Svizzera, 185 10149 TORINO (ITALY)

Website: www.tecnositaf.it

Role in the project

TECNO will work in the definition of scenarios and use cases as regards traffic control centres, providing electromobility applications.

It will develop the needed applications in order to exchange data to and from FEV and to allow drivers to find Charging Points along their way and  recharge their vehicles.


TECNOSITAF S.p.A. is a system integration company founded in 2001. It  designs, develops, builds, integrates, installs and manages systems, subsystems and devices to control mobility and safety on roads (urban and extra-urban), railways and industries..

TECNOSITAF is totally owned by SITAF S.p.A. which is the managing company of the A32 (Torino-Bardonecchia) motorway) and of  the Frejus tunnel (T4), this last, together with the French omologue SFTRF, by a GEIE/GEF.

During the 11 years of its life, TECNO developed  products, designed and implemented on the basis of real requirements and needs, emerging from tunnel and highway control rooms operators, such as:

  • Fire Detector, a road and rail system which is able to analyse, in real time, the temperatures of the mechanical components of Heavy Vehicles and to provide an alarm in case of overheating, which could cause a fire inside the tunnel.
  • Road Management Tools, a system aimed at the supervision, control and management of road and highway infrastructures, which implements and integrates the technological systems installed along roads and highways. The system has been implemented in the new A32 highway Control Room, realised during of the Winter Olympic Games held in Turin in 2006 and today it’s present in the whole ANAS Control Rooms.
  • Automatic Incident Detection AID or Traffic Monitoring TM.
  • WiFi in Motion A WiFi network has been developed which is compatible with any 801-11g device or later versions, and can keep the broad band connection open without interruption when travelling at a speed limit complying with the law. It allows audio and video surveillance.
  • On Board SOS allows to activate the communication from the Control Room and to send an SOS Call by a smartphone  (Android and IOS App. available).