VERBUND Solutions GmbH

Address: Europaplatz 2, 1150 Vienna, Austria


Role in the project

VERBUND Solutions provides, together with its subsidiary SMATRICS, insights into energy market topics as well as e-mobility services. Furthermore, SMATRICS is responsible for developing and testing use cases in Austria.


VERBUND is Austria’s leading utility and one of the largest producers of hydroelectricity in Europe. The Group generates more than ninety percent of its electricity from hydropower.  VERBUND has a market share of around 7 % in the Austrian household customer segment and leads the industrial segment with a market share of about 20 %.VERBUND trades electricity in 12 countries and generated € 3bn in annual revenue in 2015 with approximately 3,000 employees. With its subsidiaries and partners, VERBUND is active in the generation of electricity, its transmission and in international trading and sales. VERBUND has been quoted on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1988 with 51% of the share capital being held by the Republic of Austria. VERBUND Solutions is a 100% subsidiary of VERBUND AG dealing with innovative energy services and products like smart home, e-mobility, pv systems for private customers, demand response and energy management services. SMATRICS, another subsidiary of VERBUND AG, provides e-mobility services to private and business customers in Austria and abroad.


SMATRICS is the leading E-mobility service provider and offers a nationwide network of around 400 charging spots every 60 km across Austria and beyond. Focus is on high performance charging infrastructure (43kW and 50kW) at highly frequented locations along motorways and in urban areas, mainly at supermarkets, hotels, shopping centers, cinemas, motorway service areas, restaurants, petrol stations and leisure parks. Electricity comes from 100% hydropower. The SMATRICS network in open to all and easy to use: remote start of the charging process via Smartphone, payment via credit card, flexible tariffs based on user behavior as well as innovative services like a mobile app with charge point finder, routing and real time availability check.

With SMATRICS, mobility doesn’t end at the border of Austria. In addition to 12 charging points in south-east Bavaria, SMATRICS customers can also use the charging stations of our partner ‘The New Motion’ in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. And further expansion is ongoing…..

Besides public charging stations SMATRICS offers tailor-made mobility packages for every need: Charging at home or at work, turnkey solutions for company fleets, hotels / restaurants, shopping centers, municipalities which offer charging stations to their employees, customers and/or guests. Services include consulting, installation and operation of charge points, invoicing and billing. More information on SMATRICS: