The NeMo develops the core architectural components that provide the technological basis to enable the secure connection of multiple electromobility actors, the integration of their existing services in a standardised way and the creation and delivery of innovative composite services. NeMo allows business partners to interact in the marketplace by establishing a business and a technical node network.

The NeMo Node of a NeMo business partner will host the NeMo Core Components, the main aspects of which are described below (for further details read the Service Creation Developer’s Guide here.)

Service Creation tools:

  • provides a service description interface based on a semantic model in order to define a semantic description and publish it to the NeMo Service Registry
  • enables the search for existing services, the implementation of service composition processes, the management of these processes as well as testing features, and service selection features.

Service Delivery domain:

  • user interface to the NeMo B2B Marketplace, authorized Nemo business partners
  • provides the NeMo Service and Contract Registry, maintaining business partners, services, service offerings and service contracts

Data Translation agents:

  • transform messages between platform specific data models (PSM) used by NeMo registered services and the NeMo Common Information Model (CIM).

Specifically, before a service can be offered through NeMo, the Data Translator must be configured with a translation specification (also called PSM-to-CIM mapping) for the service, so that this service can be made seamlessly accessible according to NeMo operational principles. This will take place right before the registration of the service to the NeMo Service and Contract Registry. The mapping, expressed though the appropriate XML structure, reflects the exact relationships between the platform-specific data model used by the service and the neutral CIM of NeMo, in both semantic and syntactic terms and it shall be provided for every service.

  • appropriately modify messages, where necessary, in order to ensure security and privacy compliance, according to the NeMo policies.

If you want to explore NeMo environment, make sure to access the prototype version of the Hyper-Network here.