Partners of the NeMo project joined the annual conference of the European Council for Automotive Research Research & Development (EUCAR) entitled “Innovating Mobility: Pushing the boundaries of automotive R&D”, held in Brussels, on November 14-15.

On this occasion NeMo project partners presented early stage results to EUCAR members and to the 240 key stakeholders in automotive research and innovation who took part in the event.

The audience was introduced to the objectives and scope of the project, and witnessed a demonstration of the initial version of the e-roaming platform and service creation and execution development tools.

The complete NeMo demonstration setup, featuring electric vehicle and its charging station

e-Roaming enables interoperable cross-border and platform-independent charging services for NeMo end users. During the conference, the complete chain of e-roaming functionalities was demonstrated on the basis of on-site equipment, which included the Renault ZOE electric car, a charging point, and backend IT systems provided by Hubject and Gireve.

Participants could access the on-site charging point through the in-vehicle dashboard and receive authorisation to charge the ZOE. Intuitive interface systems installed both on the charging station and the car displayed information about the status of operations.

Alongside the e-roaming demo, a scenario showing service registration and integration through the NeMo development environment was presented.

Project Coordinator Dr Angelos Amditis (ICCS) also introduced NeMo to the EUCAR advisory board, and to European Commission’s representatives from DG Research & Innovation during the “High-level tour of the exhibits” on November 14.

After the initial introduction, the demo site was open to the audience until the end of the conference and project partners IBM, HUBJECT, GIREVE, RENAULT and ICCS presented the demo and the project to conference participants.  An additional introduction was made by ICCS (Dr Angelos Amditis) to a larger audience on day 2 of the event during the “Lightning round presentation of exhibitions- Exhibitors”.

More information about the event: EUCAR