Partners of the NeMo Project travelled to the Brainport region of Eindhoven-Helmond in the Southern Netherlands from June 3re to 6th to present the endeavours and achievements of the project to the delegates to the 13th European Intelligent Transport Systems Congress. Below are the highlights from the event that gathered 2,500 Intelligent Transport enthusiasts from Europe and beyond.

As part of the NeMo Interroaming Test Drive 2019, Andrew Winder and Hugo Roebroeck from NeMo Partner ERTICO – ITS Europe drove from Brussels to Eindhoven on June 3rd in an electric vehicle, stopping along the way at various charge points to test their compatibility with the new Interroaming protocol.

The electric car was handed over on June 4th to Saverio Mercurio, Caterina Rittà and Guiseppe Maffione from NeMo Partner Tecnositaf, who then drove to Berlin via Amsterdam for the next part of the Test Drive.

Throughout the four days of the ITS Congress, the NeMo project was on display with an informative lightbox and screen projection at the stand of ERTICO – ITS Europe, where project partners met with and answered questions from visitors.

Outreach at the event also included a series of open short presentations at the stand’s theatre area, which offered a space for close-up and informal exchange with the project team. Partners delivered a series of presentations, introducing the general aims of the project and delving deeper into the technical achievements of the consortium.

Thomas Walz, from NeMo partner IBM, opened on June 4th with an overview of the NeMo Hypernetwork and Neutral Server.

An introductory presentation to NeMo was also given on June 5th, as part of a talk on ITS for seamless electromobility services and to support the extensive use of light Electric Vehicles in cities, in partnership with the ELVITEN project, by Dr. Villy Portouli (ICCS) and Andrew Winder (ERTICO – ITS Europe).

Andrew Winder (ERTICO – ITS Europe) presents efforts for electromobility deployed by the NeMo and ELVITEN projects

The round of presentations concluded with an overview of Electro-mobility integrated into transport and mobility networks: the virtual sensors APP given by Pr. Maria Pia Fanti from Politecnico di Bari / ICOOR.

Pr. Maria Pia Fanti giving an overview of NeMo’s vision

In addition, the NeMo project was featured on the academic agenda of the Congress with a Special Session on Electromobility, where a range of experts in the field addressed themes such as software services and data analytics for the ultimate electric vehicle driver experience, smart e-mobility large-scale adoption in European cities (MEISTER), and lessons learned from establishing an interoperability system for electric vehicles.

NeMo Hackathon Highlights

Following the selection process by a jury of experts, the two finalists of the NeMo Hackathon were invited to present their applications at the Startup Area of the Congress.

Pooja Rangarajan from Pick&Pack, and Volker Fricke from e3charge were given the floor to present their respective innovative electromobility services. The jury is still out and will give its verdict in the coming weeks.

The winner of the NeMo Hackathon will have the opportunity to exhibit their application during the exhibition of the NeMo Final Event, which will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on September 2019. The winner will also receive a 2 years free membership of the NeMo Business Alliance for Electromobility.

The next upcoming event on the project agenda will be the NeMo Final Conference and Exhibition. Under the theme ‘From project to market: seamless electromobility services in Europe’, the conference will take place on 19th September in Barcelona. Read more about the event and register for free now at