NeMo Project partners will perform a live demonstration at Transport Research Arena 2018 in Vienna on 16-18 April to demonstrate electric vehicle roaming and cross-platform services.

The NeMo demonstration in the outdoor area at TRA will demonstrate the Inter-roaming functionalities that will be incorporated into the Hyper-Network for Electromobility.

Visitors will be able to use the Z.E TRIP application embedded in a Renault ZOE connected to the French-based Gireve platform to visualize information (and soon book & activate a charging session) for a charge point connected to the Hubject eRoaming platform, giving access to more than 60,000 charging points of the Hubject Intercharge Network directly from the car.

The demonstration will show how the different networks and platforms interact with each other and how NeMo will provide a cross-platform service to enable subscribers to charge their electric vehicle at any charge point.

The demonstration can be found at stand IAZ Outdoor, in the area Infrastructure and Asset Management.

The Transport Research Arena 2018 will take place in Vienna, Austria, on 16-19 April. Online registrations are open until 8 April.