NeMo organised a special session during the 12th ITS European Congress which was held in Strasbourg France on 19-22 June 2017.

The session SIS47 was entitled “Seamless provision of electromobility services as a prerequisite for deployment of electromobility”. The objective was to focus on the needs for interoperability as regards information exchange and services provision for electromobility services.



“Market and Customer Perspective”

Sébastien Albertus, Renault│ Presentation (PDF) │22.06.2017, 2017 ITS European Congress, Strasbourg, France

“Interoperability for electro-Mobility (eMobility)”

Jean-Charles Pandazis, ERTICO│ Presentation (PDF) │22.06.2017, 2017 ITS European Congress, Strasbourg, France

“Digital and seamless: Core driver for a successful eMobility market”

Sonja Pajkovska Goceva, Hubject GmbH│ Presentation (PDF) │22.06.2017, 2017 ITS European Congress, Strasbourg, France

“On the road towards seamless electromobility Services in Europe”

Volker Fricke, IBM Germany│ Presentation (PDF) │22.06.2017, 2017 ITS European Congress, Strasbourg, France

Mr. Albertus from Renault presented the market trends towards electromobility, the customers’ expectations and the opportunities given due to the connectivity services available on electric vehicles. Mrs. Pajkovska presented the current status as regards charging of electric vehicles and the need and work towards an Open European Inter-Roaming Protocol, to interconnect all eRoaming platforms. Mr. Fricke presented the NeMo Hyper-Network to provide seamless interoperability of electromobility services and how business clients and their customers will benefit from it. Mr. Pandazis presented the work done under the umbrella of eMI3 and NeMo towards achieving interoperability of electromobility services.

The presentations and discussions raised the interest by the audience and key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Economy of Luxemburg, the Canadian Association of Automotive Manufacturers and Nissan asked more details how they can be more involved in NeMo and follow its developments. A further contact with them was established via the WP8 leader.