Partners of the NeMo project took part in the the 7th edition of Transport Research Arena Conference (TRA) in Vienna on April 16-19 to showcase recent results, with a focus on inter-roaming protocols.

The TRA Conference, which takes place every two years in a different European city, is one of the key events in the transport research calendar, dealing with all transport modes including electromobility. NeMo was represented on this occasion by its partners ERTICO – ITS Europe, Hubject, ICCS and Renault.

The NeMo demonstration in the outdoor exhibition area put forward the current version of the Inter-Roaming protocol, using an electric vehicle and a portable charging station. Additionally, participants of the TRA conference were introduced to the scope and objectives of the project.

The Inter-Roaming protocol brings interoperable cross-border and platform-independent charging services to NeMo end users by interconnecting different eRoaming platforms that currently employ different roaming protocols. The conference was an opportunity to demonstrate the  complete chain of e-roaming functionalities with on-site equipment: a Renault Zoe electric car, a Hubject charging point, and Gireve’s backend IT systems. Participants discovered the on-site charging point through the on-board dashboard mounted on the Zoe, which provided the authorisation to access the charging point. The experience came with intuitive human-machine interfaces installed both on the charging station and the car, providing information about the status of operations.

The demonstration was open for the full four days of the conference starting on the 16th of April at Messe Wien. The demonstration site was operated by ERTICO, Renault and Hubject for the duration of the event. Interested participants had an opportunity to exchange and ask questions about the demonstration and the NeMo project in general. On the third day of the event Dr Angelos Amditis (ICCS) gave an introductory presentation to NeMo project at the European Commission’s stand in the exhibition hall, outlining the objectives, developments and scope of the project as well as future plans for deployment.

The demonstration site proved to be popular with the large groups of students attending the conference to learn about the most recent developments in transport research and technology. On the last day of the TRA Conference, the demonstration was paid a visit by representatives of the European Commission’s Innovation & Networks Executive Agency (INEA), who expressed great interest and left with recommendations to take further action in order to foster future deployment of the NeMo Hyper-network for Electro-mobility.