Try out the electric vehicle itinerary planner yourself here:

Click to select one of the 3 models of electric vehicle:
• Test vehicle CRF (Fiat 500e)
• Test vehicle Renault (Renault ZOE)
• Test vehicle Honda (Honda Clarity)

It then takes you to the map. Default start and end points are in Turin and Bardonecchia (Italy). You can manually drag these to another location or search for a location in the top left to use as a start or finish point.

You can also add intermediate waypoints, and adjust the battery state of charge at the start of the journey, the maximum driving speed (km/h) and the minimum state of charge (SoC) you are willing to accept on arrival at a charging point (for instance if you do not wish to drop below 20% battery at any time, select 20).

You will see a “spider” map showing how far this vehicle can reach from your starting point with the defined battery level, speed and minimum acceptable SoC at arrival.

Clicking “Plan” shows the route to your destination, with intermediate charging stations where needed.