NeMo European Electromobility Test Drive 2019

The European project NeMo – Hyper-Network for Electromobility – is carrying out a real-life cross-border test of electromobility Roaming, starting from Barcelona on 20 May. The project team will drive 5.000 kilometres through 9 European countries in an electric car, charging at various points along the way to demonstrate the validity of the Inter-Roaming protocol developed by NeMo.

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Electric cars are gaining in popularity, but planning for a long trip is not always practical: electric charging stations belong to different networks and offer different conditions of access and payment. Electric roaming platforms already enable an interoperable solution with more than 100,000 charge points all over Europe: they have brought many networks together, but interoperability remains an issue, creating difficulties for users during long-distance trips outside their local area.

To make electromobility seamless and more attractive, the NeMo project has developed a Hyper-Network of tools and services, connecting service providers, such as charge point operators, eRoaming providers, vehicle manufacturers and electricity distribution system operators, allowing them to offer a wider range of user services. The Hyper-Network uses blockchain technology in the form of a distributed environment with an open architecture based on standardised interfaces.

Within the Hyper-network, the NeMo Open European Inter-Roaming protocol provides interoperable cross-border and platform-independent charging services by interconnecting different eRoaming platforms that currently employ different roaming protocols. The vision is to achieve a similar concept to mobile phone roaming in Europe.

A first test drive performed in 2017 identified key issues affecting long-distance travel in electric vehicles. This second test drive, starting on 20 May, in Barcelona, will take the project team through Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Czechia, Austria, Slovenia and Italy, returning to Barcelona to close a loop 5.000 kilometres long.

Find us at events along the way:

Automobile Barcelona
9-19 May, Barcelona, Spain

19-22 May, Lyon, France

ITS European Congress
3-6 June, Eindhoven & Helmond, The Netherlands

ICNC2019 – Intercharge Network Conference
13-14 June, Berlin, Germany

The first NeMo cross-country test drive was held from 2 to 4 October 2017, with the objective to examine the interoperability of charging stations in different countries and the autonomy of the cars under different driving conditions. During this cross-country test drive two Renault ZOE electric cars were used, with two drivers each. The drivers came from NeMo partner organisations and three out of the four did not have prior experience in the use of EVs.