German Test Site

Partners involved:  HUBJECT, TomTom, FKA, ebee GmbH, Allego GmbH, TWE, Effizienz GmbH, Heldele GmbH, BMW AG

Site location & description

The Euref Campus is located in the Berlin city center, and it is the location of electric mobility companies. The site is already equipped with the electricity connection to the public grid and is a testing field for smart grid technology.

Through HUBJECT, interoperability and eRoaming services will be accessible and fully demonstrated. Additional services including ISO 15118 standard and services from other market actors will be implemented into the roaming framework and demonstrated. Various types of charging stations, provided by different CPOs, and different types of EVs will also ensure various testing scenarios, regarding interoperability.

Main focus of tests using NeMo

  • Demonstration of pan-European eRoaming showcases
  • Interoperability demonstrated via subscription based charging at different CPOs
  • Interoperability demonstrated via non-subscription based charging at different CPOs using direct payment methods
  • Full scale implementation of ISO 15118
  • Innovative electro mobility services, such as reservation of parking spots and innovative payment methods, roaming of services