Italian Test Site

Partners involved: CRF, Tecnositaf, TomTom, IBM

Site location & description

The Italian test site will be divided in two places: CRFs premises in Orbassano and Tecnositaf’s premises in Susa. Both locations are close to Turin and very close to the A32 toll motorway (Turin – Bardonecchia), which links Northern Italy with France via the Fréjus Tunnel.

Main focus of tests using NeMo

The site will focus on the architecture consisting of the OEM backend connected through secure interface to the NeMo Hyper-Network. This architecture will be verified and demonstrated by an EV travelling between the two locations and sending its SoC to the OEM backend.

The location of the test site, i.e. near the Italian-French border, will create the opportunity to implement and evaluate the pan-European eRoaming developed in NeMo.